The Case for Moral Capitalism

What do people want and how can they get it?

We live in two realms – of the body and of the spirit.  One without the other cannot fulfill our basic human needs.  We need material goods for one aspect of personal well-being – to live, breathe and act upon our dignity and our separate vocations.  But equally, if not more importantly, we need a moral community in which to live which provides scope for our aspirations and our talents.  Moral Capitalism meets our needs.  It integrates the moral with the profitable, giving each its due.

It provides for wealth creation that we may live comfortably.  It also provides for ethics and responsibility on the part of those who are empowered by their wealth or by our community.

Moral Capitalism provides a compass for business and finance, headings pointing to responsibility for the legitimate concerns of stakeholders: customers, employees, those who provide money to the enterprise, suppliers, communities and the environment.

Moral Capitalism manages risks constructively and by doing so, leads to higher value for the firm.

Moral Capitalism doesn’t happen on its own; we must make it happen through our moral leadership in everything we do.