Ethics: Collected Works (Kindle Edition) by Stephen Young

Can moral values actually be usefully employed in capitalism? The work of the Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism made relevant to individuals and businesses. These essays inspire a willingness to integrate ethics and moral ideals into decision-making about markets and business, finance and investments. The essays provide a profound intellectual basis for sustainable development in harmony with the 17 United Nations goals.


The Road to Moral Capitalism by Stephen Young

The book exposes several core fallacies holding up modern financial free-market orthodoxy and which contributed to the recurrent failures of banking and finance to sustain healthy economic growth for all.

Moral Capitalism by Stephen Young

A blueprint for global social justice is needed and this book provides one by showing that the ethical standards inherent in capitalism have been 1) compromised by cultural values inimical to capitalism’s essentially egalitarian, rational spirit and 2) distorted by the short-sighted, dog-eat-dog doctrines of social Darwinism into what he calls ‘brute capitalism.’ The text presents how the Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism’s Principles for Responsible Business can serve as a blueprint for a new, more ‘moral capitalism’ and shows how, if guided by these principles, capitalism is really the only system with the potential to reduce global poverty and tyranny and address the needs and aspirations of individuals, societies and nations.



What Has Happened to The Middle Class (Powerpoint)
Moral Capitalism: Reconciling Private Interest With The Public Good (Powerpoint)
Our Fracture Critical Civilization:
Why We Need CSR (Powerpoint)


Oxford Analytica: Towards a New Paradigm of Company Valuation (PDF)
Oxford Analytica: The Corporate Stewardship Compass (PDF)


Moral Government (PDF)
Reflective Consideration: A Daily Method for Leadership in Business Decision-making (PDF)

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